It's finally here...for you. The future of doing business.

Business automation
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and cloud services for small and mid-sized businesses
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It's not just for big companies anymore - find out how your business can benefit from automation and cloud connection.

100s of businesses. Locally.

Over the last ten years, we have had the pleasure of working directly with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

During that time, we've learned a lot about how different businesses work, and where they have struggles in day-to-day tasks, communication, and sharing.

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heard about automation?

This is what business automation means for you.

create a connection.

better customer service

Sometimes, we get busy. And sometimes getting back to customers and clients is difficult but it's SO CRITICAL that we do. Let automation take care of it for you.

By sitting with us and creating a few simple rules, we can show you how to automatically get back to any email, website lead, or phone call - all from your own inbox...without having to think about it.

Get back to them faster. Every time.

be a better you.

free up valuable time

When most of your day is consumed by 'the little things', it's hard to find the time to focus on what you do best.

Just imagine if someone...or something could perform many of your business' tasks, automatically.

Get back to work. The right kind.

connect it all together

everything in one place

Trying to use the cloud to help run your business is...amazing. It's just that, well, there are a lot of different websites you need to learn.

Using your own cloud-based automation portal allows you to check the status, send messages, track tasks, review performance and so much more...all from your very own website.

Use the cloud. Your cloud.

"run" things. don't walk.

easier management

We've all been there, walking around the office, or our inbox just putting out fires all day. The best way to fight fires? Prevent fires.

Using business automation tailored for your business makes it possible to set realistic structure for your workflows as well as create rules, policies, and escalation policies that all handle themselves.

Set Up. Let It Run. Watch it run.

don't forget to remember.

no more crack-slippers

How many times a day do we say..."I forgot". When we do, it's always some small (but important ) task, that we pushed down to the bottom of our jobs.

How much time each day to you spend forgetting? Weird question, sure. Imagine if you could go in to work every day and almost never have to remember the little things.

Take your day back. Digital out the small things.

clouds. not the weeds.

view from above

Every day, we ask each of our staff: "how are you doing?". That's great! But, sometimes it's hard to get a grip on how "we" are a business.

There are so many things we have to remember, find, track, analyze, interpret, and present, that are all over the place. Your business needs a single space where you can get a high-level view of employees, sales, leads, cash flow, and project.

Work in the clouds. Not the weeds..

future runs on data

data is the new black

You keep hearing this buzz word called "data mining" around the interwebs and how BIG companies use it to refine, adapt, measure, and decide their future.

To the part where being able to look at your data in a well-structure, easy-to-use dashboard is only for big businesses...we say poppycock. It's for you too! Now more than ever is it more within reach. We can help gather your relevant data, store it in one, secure place and show you a whole new world of how your data can change the future.

Look. Smile. Make decisions.

Get started.

Let us change the wayyou think about your business.