Denise Ford

Location: Peterborough, Ontario

Project Story

Seriously, Denise is one of the most pleasant and fun-to-work-with clients we've ever had. Looking to break into the booming real estate game, Denise came a-knocking for a new logo and website that would set her apart.


Our instructions were: "You know what every other realtor does on their the opposite."




So, we developed a fully-managed back-end mixed with a beautiful front-end that is not only pleasing to the eye, but easy to find what's new and what's for sale.

Logo / Brand:

After meeting Denise and reallying digging deep into the image she wanted to portray, we developed a clean, logo that features the word "HOME" while doubling as a neighbourhood roofline.

Experience Denise Ford.

Load the website and view it first hand.

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