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A piece of the pie.

We often hear the words marketing and advertising used interchangeably. That's not the case and it's important for business owners to know why.

A Part Of A Bigger Thing

What is advertising?

Advertising is the execution, frequency, and implementation of a message. It could be anything from radio, to newspaper to Google Adwords etc...

Usually advertising is done through campaings. These are larger, thought out plans to with different pieces and timing.

How We help create campaigns

After sitting down with you and going over your business details, we then design and comprehensive advertising campaign that could include any of the following:

Print Ads
Digital Ads
Corporate Videos
Radio Ads
Social Media Posts
Ad frequency

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the whole pie of business strategy. It includes all of the ideas, procedures, research, and activities your business will use to help get your message to your target audience.

Advertising is simply a piece of this pie.

How we help develop you marketing strategy

Will sit down with you and do some fact finding. After we get the details of your customers, sales goasl, growth potential, and staff capabilities, we will develop a plan to help increase your sales and get that competitive advantage you're looking for.

Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Demographics Analysis
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