Web Strategy.

Website Design for Business Plan

This page explains how to plan your business web presence.

Non-Traditional Planning

Even though you're a successful business person, you may not have all the facts about how your website can work for you. It's hard to plan your website for the years ahead. Why? Well, the Web is a fickle, ever-changing, mound of mixed technologies.

The Web is unpredictable.

The web is a living, breathing machine that is constantly evolving, growing and changing. So how do you plan for that? If you can't predict (somewhat) the future - how is it possible to develop a strong web strategy?

Come in from the flank.

Since you can't plan for an inconsistent landscape, it's important that we approach your web strategy from a different angle...

Short term procedures.

So, instead of writing out long-winded document about a plan that has a less-than-fair chance of succeeding, we will help provide you and your staff the tools to become web chameleons - able to adapt to changing environments.

Get In Control

Let us help you identify immediate changes we can make to your web presence as well as learning how to deal with the ever-changing Web.


Our Web Strategists can help equip your team with a way of thinking that will help them identify trends, technologies, and user demands.


A big part of a successful website strategy is to clearly define you goals. We will sit with you and identify your targets and make sure that they are achievable.

Setting Goals.

It's important to our partnership that we as a team ask ourselves: "What are our goals?"

Once we have clearly defined goals, we can start developing a plan that best helps us reach those goals.

Avoid Disappointment

Setting realistic goals is key to make sure we're not chasing results that are unlikely. It's helps make sure, as a team, that our expectations are met.

It only takes a conversation.

If you're interested in learning more, we'd love to meet with you to go over your needs.

If you like what you see...

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