Congratulations to Keith Watson | Wood Artisan.

Help us congratulate Keith Watson Wood Artisan on the launch of his new branding and website.

We hare happy to welcome Keith to the local business community. His passion for his work and dedication to style and quality are second-to-none.

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Bringing together woodworking and art to make beautiful and timeless pieces.

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Keith's Story

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In 2022, Keith embarked on a career change to pursue his two passions: woodworking and whitewater canoe guiding, instruction and outfitting. He spends the summer months in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Northern Ontario where he shares his knowledge, skills and enjoyment of whitewater with canoeists of all ages and experience levels.

The rest of the year is spent in his workshop in Kawartha Lakes where he designs, builds and finishes custom wood tables, benches, cabinets and small home goods. In addition to a college diploma in furniture woodworking and finishing, Keith has over thirty years of experience as a woodworker. He looks forward to hearing from you and to working together to transform your ideas into quality, timeless pieces that you will enjoy for many years to come.


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The Project:

Getting to know Keith and how he works was a real pleasure for us. Visiting his shop in Cameron was a pleasure and gave us a great first-hand view of how much passion he has for what he does.

The Perfect Brand.

Keith was looking for simple and versatile brand to be the face of his business. We helped incorporate his initials, company name, and provide a visual representation of his core work. The colour pallet works well as earthy, natural tones.

Keith Watson Logo Rationale

Visually striking website.